EMDR Therapy

Trapped, scared, feeling like a hostage

Buried memories keep bubbling to the surface, showing up on your mind’s doorstep – without an invitation.

Your mind and body are frozen by tension and stress as you try to escape the unbearable thoughts and feelings.

You build formidable walls to protect yourself, but they only leave you feeling isolated and alone.

Surviving isn’t living

Perhaps you’ve fallen so deeply into survival mode that you have no idea how to live an authentic and fulfilling life.

Buried under worry, doubt, and fear, you try to pretend things are ok – but in reality, you don’t know who you really are anymore.

A worthwhile life happens on the other side of fear, and EMDR can help you get there.

What in the world is EMDR?

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. What does it mean?

During an EMDR session, your brain receives bilateral stimulation, meaning your right and left brain gets stimulated very similar to what you experience during REM sleep. Through EMDR, your brain processes the important lessons from your memories in a way that serves your highest good. Ultimately your brain learns to release the pain and it allows you to see the trauma through a new lens.

Augh! Do I have to relive my trauma?

The great news about EMDR is that you don’t have to go into detail about your disturbing memories! EMDR involves my asking you to focus on certain aspects of your memory (during brain stimulation). Your brain will move into processing mode and reshape your memory without the disturbance. As long as you can share that your symptoms are improving during the process, we are good to go. Break free from trauma. Embrace a brighter future.

Break free from trauma. Embrace a brighter future.

Contact me today (860) 577-2252 Let’s begin the change process. One that will bring you a new sense of freedom – one in which you’re no longer stuck in the past.