Individual Therapy


You’re stuck – and you don’t know why. It feels like you’re never going to find your way out.

Waves of emotion and reflections on the past wash over you – experiences from another time won’t leave you alone.

Caught on the treadmill, you do the same things in the same way day after day – and it feels horrible.

Overwhelming stress has a grip on you – and no matter what you try, you can’t break free.

Everything’s fine – from the outside

You get dressed, put on your best face, and head out to start the day. On the outside, you look pretty good.

However, your insides are a mess. You pray that no one can see what’s actually going on.

Every day is a struggle – you’re trudging up a steep, never-ending staircase, each step more and more exhausting.

Sometimes, you can barely catch your breath, you just want to quit.

Trust takes time

I understand that.

I am going to work hard to earn your trust – to hear the hard things – the things you’ve buried for so long.

Together, we can help you make the changes you desperately want.

Repairing the damage

We’re going to work on unpacking the problems in a way that helps you see the solutions more clearly.

Yes, things have happened. But I’ll help you understand what you’re going through, so we can put it into perspective and start working on the solution.

Change always comes bearing gifts. Please give me a call today (860) 577-2252.